Altaflex, a division of OSI Electronics
Rapid Development of your Touch Solutions
Altaflex allows companies to quickly develop and validate multi-touch projective capacitance touch panel solutions. Touch panel sub-assemblies including touch panel and flex circuit fabrication, component assembly, ACF bonding, and testing can be realized in approximately two weeks.

By offering process proficiencies, we help OEMs, controller chip manufacturers, material suppliers, and developers deploy solutions rapidly and assume a leadership position within respective markets. Altaflex is an independent, domestic source for global touch panel solutions.
Material Selection
Cover Lens	Soda Lime Glass, Custom Sizes up to 250 x 250 um, Thickness: 0.4/0.55/0.7/0.9/1.1 mm 
Cover Lens Border Mask	Black Color, Printing Thickness: 10 um
ITO Films	100/150/270 Ω/square.  Thickness: 50 um PET + 22 um OCA
Silver Nanowire Films	130/250 Ω/square.  Thickness: 50 um to 125 um
OCA	12 um/25 um/50 um/125 um
PET Hard Coat	50 um PET + 25 um OCA
Silver Paste	0.05 Ω/square (Thickness: 10 um)
Dielectric for jumpers	Printing Thickness: 6-10 um 

Process Capabilities
 	High Density	Standard
Maximum Silver Paste Printing Area	250 x 250 mm (9.8 x 9.8 in)	150 x 150 mm (5.9 x 5.9 in)
Silver Paste Line/Space	50 um/50 um	100 um/100 um
Silver Paste Thickness	10-13 um	10-13 um
ITO Line/Space on Glass	10 um/10 um	50 um/50 um
ITO Line/Space on PET	25 um/35 um	100 um/100 um
Nanowire Line/Space	130 Ω/square Film: 100 um/100 um                                                                                                         250 Ω/square Film: 250 um/100 um	130 Ω/square  film: 200 um/200 um                                                                                                         250 Ω/square  film: 350 um/200 um
Minimum Surface Contact Area	ITO: 0.25 mm²                                                                                                                                    Nanowire: 1 mm²	ITO: 0.5 mm²                                                                                                                                    Nanowire: 2 mm²