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Flex and Rigid Flex Circuits
Flex circuits and rigid flex circuits. Design & Fabrication, Single & double-sided, Dual access, Multi-layer, rigid-flex, high-density interconnects.
  • Design & Fabrication
  • Single & Double-sided
  • Dual Access
  • Multi-layer
  • Rigid Flex
  • High Density Interconnects

Touch Panels
Touch Panels. Rapid prototype and Fabrication. ITO-coated PET & glass. Silver nanowire. Metal mesh. Touch Panel Module Assembly. ACF Bonding
  • Rapid prototype and Fabrication
  • ITO-coated PET & glass
  • Silver nanowire
  • Metal mesh
  • Touch Panel Module Assembly
  • ACF Bonding

Printed Electronics
Printed Electronics. Ultra high-density designs. Single & double-sided designs. High & Low temperature dielectrics. Hybrid constructions. Jet dispense. Scalable solutions
  • Ultra high-density designs
  • Single & double-sided designs
  • High & Low temperature dielectrics
  • Hybrid constructions
  • Jet dispense
  • Scalable solutions
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