Prototypes to Production

Production-quality quick-turn prototypes to accelerate development time-to-market. Low to medium-production to support project growth to transition to mass production.

Higher volume flex fabrication can be performed by our facility in Toronto, Canada. Learn more.

Production quality flex at prototype stage to validate designs quickly 

Reduce “False positive” and “false negative” results

Fabrication accuracy, flexural endurance, impedance, fitment, outgassing

Reduction of design iterations to accelerate time to market

Altaflex acts as a microcosm of a mass production fabricator

Incorporate DFM (design for manufacturing) design rules

Use identical or similar materials as used by production fabricators in Asia

We support the transition to higher volume fabrication to our facility in Toronto, Canada or your preferred fabricators

Project lead times (days)

Project Standard  Quick
Single-sided 5 2
Double-sided 5 2
Rigid-Flex (4 layers) 10 5
Rigid-Flex (6 layers) 10 to 15 7 to 10
Assembly 5 1 to 3